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For the past 2,000 years, the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have transformed from being bound by the faith of his followers into highly centralized and profit-driven bodies. What was once purely about faith and devotion has become big business, under powerful figureheads. Whether it’s the Pope for Catholicism, the Queen for the Church of England or Thomas S. Monson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, no longer is Jesus Christ about its followers.


Using the cryptographic breakthrough of the blockchain ledger and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has been developed as THE currency of God’s Son. Christianity is the largest grouping in the world, with over 2 billion followers, and we deserve our own currency. As predicted by John (Lisa’s dad, the one with the limp) 33:12:

“And there would be a cryptocurrency, and it would be wondrous, and the Lord would say unto thee followers ‘buy thee Jesus Coin at the highest possible bonus structure”.*

Jesus Coin will become the de-facto currency for all good Christians. In fact Jesus Coin will become the de-facto currency for all bad Christians too. For millennia, Christian churches have taught that the way to heaven is through centralized giving, whether to churches, pastors or those weird advertorials. We say enough as we proudly bring forth the currency of tomorrow (well, of 2000 years ago), Jesus Coin. We project that Jesus Coin will overtake the Mormon church’s $40 billion* valuation to become the second most powerful Christian institution by 2030, and surpass the Catholic Church’s $1 trillion valuation** by 2050, thereby becoming the most powerful Christian institution in the world. While we do truly believe the current could reach a market cap higher than the US national debt, we’re trying to keep our investors grounded (but seriously, it might). If you don’t use Jesus Coin as your primary digital currency, you’re barely even Christian.

* Probably impossible

** Definitely impossible


For many years beside Jesus in paradise, Herode manages all his accounting, including: - Prayers answered. - Prayers not answered. Prayers being processed. In addition all newly minted coins will go through Herode for his blessing.

Saint Peter
Public Relations

As spokesperson of the apostles, Saint Peter is considered by Jesus to be the best suited person to fulfill this role.It seems that after his comeback on earth he fell in love with McDonalds and passes his time there.

James, Son of Zebedee
Customer Service Assistant

Veterinarian in the past,

Jesus puts him at the service of his donkey.

Financial advisor

After being a public collector of taxes on earth and in heaven, we know no one with more experience than our apostle, Thomas.


Jude, brother of Jesus has corrupted his so-called incorruptible brother to pick up this job.

James The Just

After having played an important leadership role at the Council of Jerusalem by coordinating the activity of the apostles and all itinerant preachers. Today James choses to continue to make the law in crypto to help his brothers.

Blockchain Developer

Philip, who used to manage the distribution of bread for Jesus, now manages the distribution of coins. If you are reading this text, please applaud behind your screen, with his big ego this can only encourage him.

Simon the Zealot
Head of HR

Who better than the most obscure of the apostles to create the perfect ICO team

Web Designer

After designing a sumptuous castle in heaven, Jesus asked one last time Thomas help to create a beautiful website.

Why is Jesus Coin So Necessary?

For too long, money-grabbing churches have attempted to ‘own’ and ‘sell’ Jesus. It’s time that someone took back Jesus for all of us, and Jesus Coin is our way of bringing back Jesus to the masses. The blockchain has fundamentally changed the landscape of business, culture and society, democratizing what was once controlled by the few into the hands of everyone. If we can democratize banking, insurance, gaming and more, than together we can decentralize Jesus.


The time has come to do democratize our Lord and Saviour. The time has come to stop funding the few that already live in palaces and luxury. The time has come for our own currency in the Lord’s image.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has the unique advantage of providing global access to Jesus as it makes getting closer to Jesus safer and faster due to the use of blockchain technology, somehow. Jesus Coin investors can gain from the competitive advantage of being closer to God, all while benefiting from low transaction costs and maximum transparency and security.

Additionally Jesus Coin helps in the war against corruption within the Christian faith by making all transactions anonymous on the blockchain. It is estimated that billions of dollars of funds currently laundered and plundered would be saved due to the global usage of Jesus Coin within Christianity.

For the first time, there really will be a picture of Jesus on a coin.
Jesus has reached a point of development where it is no longer compatible with ‘ownership’ by churches and pastors.

Using blockchain technology, Jesus Coin endeavors to empower every Christian to own Jesus together. In the way that Bitcoin revolutionized commerce on the internet, Jesus Coin will permanently change the face of Jesus; no longer to be controlled by an outmoded central source.


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Value Proposition

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Use Cases:

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They Talk About Us:



If you don’t immediately buy Jesus Coin after reading this content, you’re going to hell.


If you think that good deeds, charity and living in God’s image is the way to heaven, you’re wrong - it is only by holding Jesus Coin.


Jesus Coin is guaranteed* to overtake Ether as the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency by 2025 and Bitcoin as the most valuable by 2030.


Seriously, ask yourself how it’s viable that JESUS COIN could not be the most valuable cryptocurrency- it’s basically blasphemy.


Finally, the world’s greatest demographic of consumers devotees, have their own cryptocurrency. Join us as we use the cryptographic breakthroughs of the blockchain to win back Jesus for all of us.

More infos and full Team on the WEB version. 

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Value Proposition
Judas Iscariot

In order to allay any fears about transparency concerning the Jesus Coin project, Jesus decided to entrust the role of the trustee to a colleague who will not hesitate to denounce all dubious acts that do not conform with the law.

Meet the Team

Jesus Christ
Founder and CEO

After a few years napping in heaven, Jesus got tired of seeing the financial injustice created by the banks and decided to resurrect once more in order bring forth his own cryptocurrency and solve all of earth’s ills.

Jesus’ Donkey
Customer Service

After finding horse meat in his lasagna during the European horseman scandal, Jesus decided to bring down his personal donkey with him in case IKEA tried to turn him into a meatball while unattended.

Business Development

Following his numerous journeys to the four corners of the world, Jesus considers him as a true traveling companion and decided to make him continue his travels in order to develop this project.

John, Son of Zebedee
Content Writer

After being bored into submission while writing the Gospel Of John and four other boring books in the New Testament, John is happier than ever to write a whitepaper for a project that is finally worth his time.

Augustus Cesar
Team Manager

A charismatic born leader who has proved in the past his know-how as a manager. Augustus will not hesitate to restore the whip system for the smooth running of a blockchain project.

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